The rationale

Sowing seeds for the future

Malaysia’s journalists are divided by media between the printed press, broadcasting, and online web sites as well as by language and geography. There is no single organisation that represents all journalists and which can speak for all.

The Institute of Journalists Malaysia will work to bring all journalists, from all parts of Malaysia, and from all language streams and all media, to work together for free and fair journalism of high profession standard, raise the standing of the profession, and uphold and protect the professional interests of journalists.

Who are journalists? Editors, reporters, sub-editors and copy editors, photographers, cameramen and videographers, news and documentary presenters and producers, bloggers and citizen journalists, trade journalists and corporate journalists, freelance and wire service journalists.

The Institute is a professional body: it seeks to unite all journalists in Malaysia on issues affecting the profession as a whole. It will strive to represent working journalists at all levels, across all languages, and all media. As a professional organisation, the Institute is not a workers’ union or social club. The members will be individual journalists, not publishers or their companies. By bringing the fraternity together we can prepare a new generation of journalists to meet the challenges of a new Malaysia.