Our aims

Article 3
Promote and uphold professional standards, values and ethics in the practice of journalism; safeguard and uphold the professional interests, welfare and safety of all journalists; and improve the public standing of Malaysian journalism and journalists.

Promote the professional development of Malaysian journalists and improve skills through training courses for journalists and the general public; provide certification of proficiency; and take all measures including the setting up of an institution or training centre for such purposes;

Uphold and defend the freedom of the press and freedom of expression as being necessary for the practice of journalism, and to take all necessary measures to further these objects.

Article 5
To create and develop a Code of Ethics and Code of Practice for journalists, promote the Code and its adherence and develop and manage procedures and systems for dealing with actual or alleged non-compliance of the Code.

To create, administer and maintain a journalism institute or training centre to conduct courses on journalism for journalists or members of the public and to issue certificates of proficiency.

To create, endow, administer and maintain a Journalism Foundation to promote research and other activities, and provide fellowships and grants to members for professional development.