The Institute is managed by a Board of Governors elected from among members for a three-year term.

The elected Board comprises members elected in the ratio 2:2:2:1 from among journalists in newspapers; broadcasting; online media; and periodicals, freelance & others.

Members of the Board elect a chairman from among themselves. There are no elective positions in the Institute.

The constitution of the Institute enjoins the Board to ensure fair representation of journalists from the various sectors of the profession. Membership of the Board may not be dominated by members from any one media stream, or from any one language stream. The Board cannot comprise members who are all from newspapers or all from online media, or all from the Malay, English, Chinese, or Tamil media.

Members of the Board are elected for a three-year term. Each member may serve only two terms. To ensure that the Board is refreshed, one-third of the Board retires each year. An election must thus be held at every annual general meeting to replace one-third of the Board.