Who can join us?

If you do journalism, the IoJ welcomes you

If you work as a journalist or you practise journalism, then you should be a member of the Institute of Journalists.

It does not matter whether you’re an executive or a cadet. It does not matter if you work at a big media house, or from your home. Everyone is welcome: editors, reporters, subeditors, photographers, news presenters and producers, editorial illustrators and cartoonists, citizen journalists and bloggers, journalism teachers and students…

It does not matter whether you are employed full time or on contract, or you work freelance, or you practice journalism without payment.

You should be a member if you do editorial work for

• newspapers
• magazines
• online newspapers
• web sites
• news agencies
• house journals
• trade newsletters or journals
• corporate or party organs
• broadcast on radio or television stations
• broadcast on YouTube
• streaming on the Internet
• podcasting
• Facebook, Twitter or other sites

•If you do journalism, you’re one of us.

Types of membership

Ordinary members

Anyone whose main source of income is derived from journalism, carrying out editorial work in reporting, writing, editing, news production and presentation, broadcast news, photography or videography, or producing editorial illustrations or editorial cartoons.

Freelance members

Anyone whose main source of income is derived from journalism as above, but who are not employed by any media house

Associate members

• Anyone in other occupations but who practices journalism and produces editorial matter as citizen journalists, bloggers and videographers, or produces podcasts or other editorial matter on the Internet;

• Anyone working in fields related to journalism, such as public relations, advertising, and marketing
• Academic staff who teach or whose area of study is journalism, the mass media, or related fields.

• Anyone who supports the aims and objectives of the Institute for press freedom, free speech, and free and independent journalism

Student members

Anyone taking up a course of studies in journalism or related fields at diploma or degree level.

Corporate members

Companies and other institutions who support the aims of the Institute and the cause of free and fair independent journalism, freedom of the press and freedom of expression.

Affiliate members

Other organisations whose members are primarily from the mass media, or those engaged in advocacy, training or outreach relating to journalism, the mass media, mass communications, freedom of the press, freedom of expression, human rights and democracy.